Those Who Dance Together, Stay Together: The Benefits of Dancing for a Couple


“Dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.”  -Robert Frost

Studies have shown that couples participating in physical activities together often report to be more satisfied in their relationships than those who do not. Perhaps it is the endorphins, or maybe the fact that exercise increases your heart rate, mimicking the increased pulse that people experience when falling in love. If jogging together can strengthen a relationship, just imagine the effects of dancing a romantic rumba or a passionate tango.

In ballroom dancing, couples find themselves in close contact, holding eachother close, and moving as one. Learning to dance together, two partners must exercise trust, express emotions, and work together as a team. The leader takes the role of protecting his lady on the dance floor. His job is to be the frame for the beautiful pictures she paints with her body. The lady learns to rely on the gentleman; she experiences a sense of vulnerability as a follower and must be attentive to the signals he sends. Together, the roles of lead and follow create a bond unlike any other.

It is all too common for couples, whether in marriage or long term relationships, to get into daily routines and lose touch with the reasons they fell in love in the first place. Dancing is the perfect remedy to bring back the spice! Setting aside time to focus on one another, moving together to a song that you love, matching one anothers bodies to dance through step patterns…these are all great ways to find the romance that is often pushed aside due to busy schedules and monotony.

Looking for a way to really connect with your significant other? Take up dancing as a hobby with long lasting, multi-faceted benefits. Improve your health, your relationship, YOUR LIFE! Once you’ve started dance lessons, before you know it, your date night world will be renewed with opportunities. Ladies, put on a sassy dress and take your man out salsa dancing. Gentlemen, suit up and make your lady feel like a princess as you foxtrot around the floor at a fancy gala. The possibilities are endless…you’ve just got to take that first step onto the dance floor!

At Fred Astaire Dance Studio in San Diego, we understand that the hardest part of dancing is getting through the door. Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step! Don’t let fear hold you back one more day; our instructors are trained to make your lessons FUN and EASY. Let us help you develop a love for dancing with the person you love most!

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